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How to Check Proxy Quality
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How to Check Proxy Quality

How to Check Proxy Quality

2023-12-20 10:40:00MoreLogin
Importance of Proxy Server Quality In today's internet space, where data is becoming increasingly valuable, and anonymity is a critical factor in secu

Importance of Proxy Server Quality

In today's internet space, where data is becoming increasingly valuable, and anonymity is a critical factor in security, the issue of proxy server quality is gaining particular relevance. Major market players, including companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, actively use IP addresses to track user activities. It creates a need for reliable proxy servers that can provide anonymity and protect user data. Moreover, they can ensure effective management of multi-accounts.

Evolution of Proxy Detection Methods

Over time, proxy detection methods have evolved. Initially, the focus was on data center proxies. Still, the attention shifted to residential proxies, which use the IP addresses of real users. However, these proxies have also become subject to detection through the analysis of IP address quality, including their usage history and blockages.

Neglecting Proxy Quality: Risks

Underestimating the quality of IP can lead to a number of problems, including account blockages. It is especially relevant in fields where multi-accounting is used, such as arbitrage, Google Ads, cryptocurrency airdrops, web scraping, and ticketing.

Tools for Assessing Proxy Quality

We used various tools for analyzing proxies, including Proxy Checker by PixelScan, available at the link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/proxy-checker/, and FOGLDN Proxy Tester. These tools provided information about the Fraud Score and the proxy's ability to connect to target sites successfully.nodemaven4.png

The result of checking a typical proxy provider in PixelScan's proxy checker. As seen in the screenshot, the Quality Level of these proxies is low (Low), and the overall percentage of low-quality proxies (Low-Quality IPs) in this case is 80.00%. With such proxies, you are likely to be banned, even if you are an experienced specialist in multi-accounting.

Using the FOGLDN Proxy Tester to analyze a standard set of proxies, it was found that Google rejected all proxies as low quality. This result highlights Google's effectiveness in identifying and filtering out unreliable IPs. Such tests are essential for professionals using proxies, as they help avoid blockages and financial losses.

Effective Risk Management in Multi-Accounting: Choosing Quality Proxies

The issue of proxy server quality needs to be addressed in the modern digital world, leading to significant risks in managing multi-accounts. A lack of understanding of critical aspects such as IP quality and Fraud Score results in frequent account blockages, as vividly demonstrated by screenshots from various tests. However, the solution to this problem lies not only in improving user awareness but also in choosing the right proxy provider.

Comparison of Popular Proxy Providers

In our research, we compared several proxy providers, evaluating them based on criteria such as IP cleanliness, the number of geo-locations, and the duration of IP session rotation. During the comparison, we found that NodeMaven stands out among other providers due to its approach to filtering and IP quality.




Proxy Quality( % of Dirty IPs per 50 Proxies)




Price per 1 GB




Number of Countries



150 +

Number of Cities



1400 +

Duration of One Session (IP Rotation)

1800 секунд

до 24 часов

до 24 часов

The presented table indicates that NodeMaven offers IP addresses with a high level of cleanliness and extended rotation time. It is important to note that this offering is combined with a competitive pricing policy.

How to Achieve Superior Proxy Quality?

During our research, we approached NodeMaven with the question of how they manage to achieve high results in ensuring proxy quality. The company's response focused on its unique product — the Quality Filter. This filter combines data from various sources, analyzes it, and identifies potentially unreliable IP addresses.

Furthermore, NodeMaven emphasized that their system is regularly updated, allowing them to maintain their IP address database in a current and reliable state. Thus, the Quality Filter plays a crucial role in minimizing the risks of blocking and enhancing the overall efficiency of using proxy servers.

NodeMaven stands out with its unique features and advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Reliable IPs: They claim that their system selects IPs with a high Trust Score, reducing the risk of blockages.

  • Time-Saving: It appears that their service automatically checks IP addresses, so you don't have to do it yourself.

  • Current IPs: They assert that they update IPs in real-time, providing up-to-date addresses.

  • Cost-Effective: Trial versions of their services are offered at 3.99 euros, allowing you to assess the filtering system. The company also offers a unique promo code NM2, giving an opportunity to get +2GB of traffic when purchasing a trial or any package. Check it for yourself using the link - https://go.nodemaven.com/nodemaven

How NodeMaven Passed Our Tests

We tested NodeMaven in real-world scenarios. We used Proxy Checker to see how good their proxies were. About 90-95 % of NodeMaven's proxies are indeed high quality, which is significantly better than many others.

Analysis of 50 proxies from NodeMaven through PixelScan Proxy Checker revealed a High-Quality Level for the majority of the proxies, with only 2.17% low-quality IPs, significantly lower than the average figure of competitors (80%). It ensures a lower risk of account blockages, saving time and resources for users.

We also tested NodeMaven proxies by connecting them to Google, and the results were positive. Google accepted all connections without issues, indicating the reliability of their proxies.

Moreover, testing on Fogldn Checker also demonstrated their reliability.

However, it's important to note that there might be other proxy services that also successfully pass quality checks, similar to NodeMaven. We have not yet found such alternatives. Therefore, we recommend users choose their proxy provider independently, not relying solely on our recommendations.

Conclusion: The Necessity of Checking Proxy Quality

Verifying the quality of proxy services is a crucial aspect of ensuring stable and secure operations on the Internet. Using high-quality proxies significantly reduces the risk of blockages and bans, which is especially important in the context of heightened requirements for anonymity and digital security. Specialized tools such as Proxy Checker and FOGLDN Proxy Tester exist for assessing the reliability of proxies. These tools allow users to check the reliability and effectiveness of proxy services independently.

We strongly recommend each user apply these tools for individual proxy verification. Personal experience and independent evaluation are the best ways to ensure the quality and reliability of proxy services. Our article aims to provide the most objective information and analysis based on conducted research and existing data. However, the final choice always remains with the user, who must consider their individual needs and requirements for proxy services.

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