GoLogin VS. MultiLogin: A Comprehensive Comparison of Anti-Detect Browsing
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GoLogin VS. MultiLogin: A Comprehensive Comparison of Anti-Detect Browsing

GoLogin VS. MultiLogin: A Comprehensive Comparison of Anti-Detect Browsing

2023-03-13 15:24:00Sarah Harrington
Are you in search of a proper anti-detect browser? This article introduces you to the GoLogin browser and MultiLogin browser, two known browsers in the market.

GoLogin VS. MultiLogin: A Comprehensive Comparison of Anti-Detect Browsing

The adoption of privacy has enhanced to diversifying levels. Multiple elements have been considered and introduced in the market to influence privacy. Anti-detect browsing is an improved form of private browsing which provides users with a wide variety of enhanced features.

There are multiple anti-detection browsers introduced in the market. For this article, we will be working out a comparison between MultiLogin and GoLogin browsers. This comparison will help you select the best option whenever you are opting for anti-detect browsing.

Part 1: What Can Anti-Detect Browsers Bring to Users?

We will first consider the necessity of using anti-detect browsers in the market. Anti-detect browsers are known as special browsers providing diverse privacy and security compared to general browsers.

While it is evident that anti-detect browsers provide better functionality, there are multiple benefits of opting for them in internet browsing. Do you wish to know what anti-detect browsers bring for users? Look through the details provided below for a better understanding:

· Avoid Website Tracking: Website tracking cookies are a standard operation in basic browsers. Anti-detect browsers are designed to avoid such website tracking elements and refrain from giving the user's details. Since the collected data is used for targeted advertisement tracking, anti-detect browsers help users avoid such things.

· Improved Security: There are built-in VPNs and ad-blocking features available in such browsers. As the primary motive of such browsers is to avoid detection, the presence of such features is mandatory, to some extent. They protect users from multiple online threats, which include malware, phishing, and other hacks.

· Awards Privacy: Another consistent benefit of having anti-detect browsers is utilizing internet services anonymously. While you hide the IP addresses and encrypt the internet traffic with such browsers, they assure the highest privacy. Third-party entities are exempted from the process under such mechanisms.

· Bypass Censorship Rules: One major benefit of having such browsers is to avoid censorship issues. As multiple sites are not available in your region for several reasons, having a browser makes things simple and effective for you.

Part 2: Comprehensive Feature-Based Comparison of GoLogin and MultiLogin

The details discussed above cover every basic anti-detect browser in the market. However, the extensiveness of a particular feature makes them different from each other. For instance, if a specific browser offers diversified privacy with more control over major elements of the internet, it becomes preferable.

A similar ideology stands for MultiLogin and GoLogin browsers, two leading anti-detect browsers on the market. This section of the article will provide a comprehensive feature-based comparison of both browsers.

An Overview of the Features

We will start our comparative overview of both anti-detect browsers with their features. The table featured below will help you out in the initial selection of the browser:







Target Customer

Social Media, E-commerce, Cryptocurrency, and much more.

Marketing, Online Earning, and Development

Number of Profiles

1000 saved profiles (Maximum)

10,000 profiles (Custom)


Starting from €99/month

Starting from $49/month

IP Provider



Customer Service




User-Friendly Interface

The best browser offers the best interfaces. Platforms that provide the simplest yet the most coherent set of features are believed to excel in the market. While they cover a bigger target audience, they are easy to adopt.


A similar approach is taken for the MultiLogin browser and its operations. While the platform offers the most straightforward and secure environment for setting up profiles, it has made identity configuration easy.

For best multi-account management, MultiLogin counters its competitors with its user interface. Although we can find this feature in most anti-detect browsers, the enhanced availability of managing profiles makes the former browser better.


Product Target Customers

The target customer acquisition performed by MultiLogin Chrome is quite different than major anti-detect browsers. GoLogin has been known for providing services for marketing, online earning, and developmental sectors.

When put in comparison, MultiLogin has much more to offer among the two browsers. The platform provides multiple opportunities, which increases the bounds of target customers. From affiliate marketing to earning in cryptocurrency, everything is possible here.

The restriction in the field of marketing in GoLogin makes it a severed option among the two browsers in the discussion. You can also find MultiLogin efficient in managing social media, e-commerce, and ticketing system for its users.

Number of Profiles

Anti-detect browsers are known for providing multiple profiles to their users for managing their operations. From operating various WhatsApp accounts on a single browser to launching a complete Shopify store for business, it is possible in platforms like the GoLogin browser and MultiLogin.

However, the significant difference comes in the number of profiles supported by both platforms. When observed in depth, it was seen that GoLogin supports 10,000 profiles in its customized subscription plans.

MultiLogin browser, in comparison, puts a limit of 1000 maximum user profiles. It shows the diversity of profile support offered across the former anti-detect browser.


Another major difference stands out in the pricing comparison of both platforms. While people prefer working on any of these discussed anti-detect browsers, they always look into the progressive plans offered for the community. GoLogin keeps a strict pricing structure for its users, with a free trial of 7 days only.

MultiLogin pricing, in comparison, has brought three different plans for its users, which is far more expensively inconvenient for those who are trying to understand the model and its adaptation in their use case. The following pricing plans give a clear direction for users to select from:

GoLogin Pricing Plans










$1999/month (For 10,000 user profiles)


MultiLogin Pricing Plans




€99/month (For 100 saved profiles)


€199/month (For 300 saved profiles)


€399/month (For 1000 saved profiles)


Stable IP Provider

Having a stable or dynamic IP provider for the anti-detect browser is essential. For users who seek to avoid tracking their IP address, it is best to consider using a dynamic IP. Thus, both anti-detect browsers are known for holding a dynamic IP system.

The importance of having such a system is for influencing a periodical change of IP addresses and other details while using the browser services. This tends to keep the user safe and secure from unauthorized access.

Support Service

The support service offered by MultiLogin is more cohesive and available than its counterparts. Being a new player in the market of anti-detect browsers, MultiLogin is here to change the narrative of support service provision.

Where platforms like GoLogin fail to match the user's preferences, MultiLogin works on it and provides the best services one can look for in the market.


Although anti-detect browsers provide a varied form of security and privacy to their users, the question of safety has been a significant concern for many users. For instance, accounts managed across such browsers are prone to banning.

The best browser is the one that protects such accounts from getting banned from the tool. Thus, MultiLogin stands among the best in the business that provides better safety provisions than most anti-detect browsers in the market.


For MultiLogin: “Although the software may experience occasional short downtimes every few months, it is important to note that this is understandable given the complexity of the software.” – Pedrofrancisocopf.

For GoLogin: “I have been charged for a 1-year plan by mistake and after talking to the support they promised to refund me but after three months still nothing. I don't why is it so hard for them to refund my subscription when they charged me for 1-year plan by mistake; I will update this post if the problem is resolved.” - Soufiane.

Part 3: Best Free Anti-Detect Tool – MoreLogin

You might have had a comprehensive overview of MultiLogin and GoLogin anti-detect browsers. However, there always remains some limitation in such tools, which makes it difficult for users to manage their operations.

With diversified use cases and extensiveness in operations, MoreLogin stands among the best in the business. Another highlighting feature offered by this service includes the free subscription plan, which is not evident in any other anti-detect browser service.


If you seek to use MoreLogin for any specific purpose, you can easily set up thousands of profiles without limitations. Such diversity in functions gives MoreLogin precedence in the market.

Furthermore, its pricing is another cognitive characteristic that makes it the best in the market. The differences are significant, and customer support is cognitive for every individual throughout the world. Such motives and morals give MoreLogin precedence over all other anti-detect browsers.


The article has built a conclusive comparison between the MultiLogin browser and GoLogin. Being a user who is searching for a practical browser, such a comparative study can help a lot.

However, over in-depth overviews, it is found that both browsers have their drawbacks. Thus, MoreLogin provides a go-to solution in the form of a cohesive anti-detect browser. All significant features, including the safety and security of the user, are ensured within the platform.

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