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Mastering Account Farming in Affiliate Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide | MoreLogin Blog
Mastering Account Farming in Affiliate Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide
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Mastering Account Farming in Affiliate Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Account Farming in Affiliate Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-12-19 19:38:00Emily Chen
Step by step to farm high quality facebook acount with useful tools and strategies

Account farming in social media has become a pivotal strategy in affiliate marketing. This practice involves creating and nurturing social media accounts that are perceived as genuine by network algorithms, thereby gaining a strategic advantage in marketing campaigns. In this article, we explore the benefits of owning quality accounts, delve into four effective ways to acquire them and provide a comprehensive guide to mastering account farming.

Part 1: Understanding Account Farming

What is Facebook Account Farming?

Facebook account farming involves creating accounts that are indistinguishable from real user accounts in the eyes of Facebook's algorithms. This practice is essential for bypassing stringent ad moderation processes and gaining the platform's trust.

The Key to Quality Facebook Accounts

  • The secret to successful account farming lies in understanding and mimicking real user behavior. This includes varied activities, avoiding patterns, and engaging with content naturally.

Advantages of Self-Farming

  • Creating your accounts ensures quality control and cost-effectiveness, allowing for tailored strategies that align with your marketing goals.

Risks of Purchasing Accounts

  • Buying accounts can be risky, as it often involves uncertainties regarding account history and potential security vulnerabilities.

Part 2: Types of Accounts for Farming

  • Soft Edges: These are automated, low-trust accounts, often used for basic tasks.

  • Fresh Veggies: Manually created accounts that require further development and nurturing.

  • Trend Accounts: Accounts obtained through questionable means, carrying significant risks.

  • Rental Accounts: Legitimate accounts lent out by their original owners.

  • King Accounts: The crème de la crème of farmed accounts, offering high trust and minimal ban risk.

Part 3: Essential Tools for Account Farming

  • Anti-Detect Browsers: Tools like MoreLogin help mask your digital footprint, a must-have for any serious account farmer. You need to login your account in each profile with the prepared email, telephone number, GEO for setting each account profile in Morelogin. 

  • Proxies: Choose mobile or residential proxies that match the account's intended geographic location. (some antidetect browser like MoreLogin also provide proxy)

  • Clean SIM Cards and Email Addresses: Essential for creating authentic and verifiable accounts.

  • Payment Services: For linking accounts to financial transactions.

  • Authentic Photos and Metadata Editing: To create believable profiles and avoid detection. cover photo, photos (for selfie verification)

Part 4: The Farming Process

Step 1: Set up your profiles, including anti-detect browsers and proxies. Click “+ New profile” in MoreLogin  and click proxy information in MoreLogin to login your account and set the proxy. 

Step 2:  Creating accounts using organic methods to avoid detection.

You need to Visit 20-30 websites using Facebook Pixel within 1-2 days in MoreLogin, after that you can create the accounts in accumulating the nature cookies. Or your immediately created account will be blocked.

Try meta Pixel Helper to check if this site has set up Facebook Pixel 

Step 3: Engaging with content and building a believable digital footprint.

Here are the methods to build a trust Facebook account 

  • Scroll through feed

  • Subscribe to a couple of groups

  • View photos/videos

  • Give 5-10 likes per day

  • Comment on posts

  • Share, subscribe to groups

  • Chat with other people

For managing ad campaigns and analytics effectively.

Part 5: Best Practices for Account Farming

  • Avoiding Patterns and Stereotypical Behaviors: To prevent detection, it's crucial to avoid repetitive actions that could flag your account as artificial.

  • Interacting Naturally and Diversifying Activities: Engage with a variety of content and activities to mimic the behavior of a genuine user.

  • Resting Accounts Before Campaigns: Allow your accounts to mature and gain trust by not using them for marketing immediately after creation.


Account farming is an intricate and strategic element of affiliate marketing. By understanding the types of accounts, utilizing the right tools, and adhering to best practices, marketers can effectively leverage social media platforms for their campaigns. Remember, the key to successful account farming is authenticity and strategic engagement. If you have any questions or need more insights, feel free to ask in the comments. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and join our community for more exciting content. Here's to successful farming and high returns in your affiliate marketing endeavors!

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