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Multilogin vs. MoreLogin

Multilogin vs. MoreLogin

Multilogin vs. MoreLogin
Forget about MultiLogin and its sky-high prices. MoreLogin is the real deal, offering top-notch functionality and service at a fraction of the cost. Dive into more details.
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    • MoreLogin
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Why Do People Switch From Multilogin To MoreLogin?

  • Advanced Canvas Fingerprinting
    Advanced Canvas Fingerprinting
    MoreLogin utilizes cutting-edge fingerprint canvas technology to collect canvas fingerprint data from billions of real users worldwide and uses machine learning to match them in real-time. This greatly improves the authenticity of your browser. Generating a canvas fingerprint in this way is much safer than randomly generating noise points.
  • High-quality Proxies
    High-quality Proxies
    MoreLogin offers a seamless experience with its deep collaboration with proxy resources, allowing users to easily purchase high-quality proxies from its store and integrate them within the platform, MultiLogin does not provide any proxy solutions.
  • Offers A Richer Set Of Features
    Offers A Richer Set Of Features
    MoreLogin provides the ability to operate browser profiles in bulk, allowing you to easily create, open, and delete profiles, as well as import agents in bulk. At the same time, in terms of efficiency and team management, MoreLogin offers more personalized features compared to other platforms.
  • Provides Superior Customer Support
    Provides Superior Customer Support
    We prioritize our users and value their feedback. If you have any questions about our products, our customer service is always available to assist you. We guarantee prompt resolution of any concerns you may have.
  • Significantly More Affordable
    Significantly More Affordable
    MoreLogin not only offers a package with a larger number of browser profiles and supports for API and automation, but it also comes at less than half the price of the popular Team package from MultiLogin, allowing you to save 167% every month.
    MoreLogin provides more flexible pricing plans, enabling you to adjust the number of browser profiles and team members in your package to get the best possible offer.


    • 150
    • 2
    • $40/month
    • Browser profiles
    • Team members
    • API & Automation
    • Monthly subscription


    • 100
    • 1
    • ≈$107/month

Compare Multilogin And MoreLogin On G2.com

Reviews and ratings from verified customers can greatly help you choose the right post-purchase platform. Learn about the ratings of MoreLogin and Multilogin on G2.com to help you make an informed decision.
  • MoreLogin



    Aug 10, 2023

    "Managing Your multiple profiles in a few clicks with best anti detect browser"

    • "I need to manage multiple social media accounts on the same device and Morelogin helped me with that. It offers good features and safety which makes my work not so tedious and it works efficiently."
    • "The Initial process of setting ips and proxy gets confusing but once its done your job gets much easier and manageable."

    Aug 9, 2023

    "Manage multiple ads accounts safely"

    • "MoreLogin support team give me instant repsonse for setting the account in MoreLogin, Finally, everything goes smoothly. It helps me saves time and money instead of runing accounts on different devices, all the accounts run in MoreLogin safely .Besides that I can authorize the right to team member to help me manage the accounts without any risk."
    • "Everything is ok, wait for more features"
  • Multilogin



    Jan 18, 2023

    "Fast, reliable and convenient anti-detect browser."

    • "All the infrastructure of the browser is built to be convenient for any size of the team. We have 0 concerns regarding the speed and efficiency of the browser."
    • "There are some minor features, that are not present in the product, which could be extremally useful, but they are being constantly added."

    Jul 24, 2023

    "It's good but lacks the basics"

    • "It helps me manage browser profiles efficiently in the cloud. It helps with proxy management too."
    • "Their billing system is a mess. Invoices must be downloaded and managed on regular basis. There is no automated system."

Why choose MoreLogin over Multilogin?

Here's a detailed comparison of the features, security, team management, performance, and more between MoreLogin and Multilogin to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing between these two products.




Minimum tariff
$9 / Mo
€99 / Mo
Browser security & privacy
Real canvas fingerprint
Launch browser profile IP detection
Real-time network change detection
Multiple Kernels
WebRTC mode
Recycle bin
Proxy resource center
Proxy management
Team collaboration
Team browser data cloud synchronization
Account password protection
Operation log
Flexible permission management
Batch operation
Batch browser profiles creation
Batch browser profiles deletion
Batch proxy import
Batch cookie import
Batch browser profiles launch
Local API
Port calling WebDriver

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