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How to Use MoreLogin for Traffic-Arbitrage - MoreLogin
Use Cases / Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is when the party buys traffic from a source (e.g. landing page, banner ad, or native ad) and redirect it to another with a more expensive per click. In theory, it will bring good result for arbitrageurs who knows exactly the kind of the traffic in ideal from ad net works such as Google, Bing, Yahoo ads.

Running multiple accounts is a good option to run arbitrage efficiently and effectively. Due to the unpredicanility of traffic quality, it is the best option to make sure you have as many sources as you can get to even out the differences.

However, the risk with arbitrage is that you may often face the crisis of account ban. As we have mention before, many website have now developed the most precise sophisticated algorithms to detect suspicious behaviour for account protection. To reduce the risk of your accounts getting banned, MoreLogin is definitely your best pal to help.

The key to resolve this issue is to make each account looks like they came from different identity. With MoreLogin, we can help to manage multiple accounts with individual characteristics to avoid detection.

The accounts are segregated so identifying factors, cookies, and other spectrums are completely independent. In this way, it is easy for you to manage the accounts and at the same time authorize access to your employees so the team can cooperate to operate traffic arbitrage.