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How to Use MoreLogin for Social-Media - MoreLogin
Use Cases / Social Media

Social Media

Social media is not only a place to share your daily moments, but it has also becoming a great tool for promotion. In fact, social media accounts also need to be managed, especially if you are a team with multiple members.

There a lots of promotion management tools on social networks, however, most of them don't allow working remotely in a team. You team member may not have full access into the account to work at the same time, and sharing password may remain in risking account security. Therefore, MoreLogin is here to help.

MoreLogin allows you to organize the SMM agencies work through management of profiles with multiple accounts with no need in sharing passwords. Each employee will have their own account with the accessing right you have permitted. You can also track individual employee's activity to make sure all process is under routine.

MoreLogin also allows transferring data from one device to another, so you don't have to backup all your information. All you have to do is log in to your MoreLogin account anytime you need.

Most importantly, the ability to create a unique digital fingerprint will help you from preventing the problem of account ban due to authorization from different devices. You can simply create a profile into the characteristics you want, and social network detector will consider you as the same device from then on. Ban problem solved!