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How to Use MoreLogin for E-commerce - MoreLogin
Use Cases / E-commerce


It is never easy to create your own business. It always involves a great cost of labor and rental. Now, you don't need an office or a sales desk. You don't need workers and sellers. You only need a product and a platform for sale.

Most often, people who are attempting in starting business have come to the idea of e-commerce. It is common for people to go on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba or Shopify. The accounts you have on these platforms are basically your sole asset of the business.

However, the sites themselves may strictly control the selling process with restricted policies. Platforms are required to closely monitor the sellers. Aritificial intellegence is always looking for signs of fraud.

You may be doing a legit business and accidentally tagged as an activity of fraudulent. A temporary block of your account may mean you will be suspended from doing business for a while, and often, forever.

Recovery takes time, in the meanwhile, your money is flowing away. By applying MoreLogin with your e-commerce accounts, it helps to mask your account, spoofing the detectors of the selling platforms by control fingerprints and profiles. You will remain anonymous using MoreLogin. Plus, MoreLogin will protect all your information with highly secured technology, making sure everything is safe and sound.

You can also manage multiple accounts to run test on products to examine your business strategy, and applying effective advertisement arrangements in your own will without worrying about getting banned!