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How to Use MoreLogin for Cryptocurrency - MoreLogin
Use Cases / Cryptocurrency


We've all heard the stories of people who have discovered the financial reward of cryptocurrency and have made enough money from it, which have become their second or even primary source of income. Multiple account management is the key element to succeed in cryptocurrency transactions.

Multiple accounts management is your ultimate weapon to achieve high performance in cryptocurrency goals. But if you don't do it right, you may result in facing a high risk in loosing your crypto account.

Cryptocurrency sites often strictly follow the KYC policies, sophisticated algorithms are applied to detect multiple accounts. Even if they are legit accounts from different users that has been verified by KYC, with just a tiny mismatch of information, the account will be detected immediately and result in banning.

MoreLogin will be able to solve this issue for you. Unlike our competitors, MoreLogin's virtual environment can provide a customizable browser fingerprint that masks the configuration look like a real device.