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What is a multi-accounting and why do you need one | MoreLogin Blog
What is a multi-accounting and why do you need one
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What is a multi-accounting and why do you need one

What is a multi-accounting and why do you need one

2023-02-10 11:24:00Emily Chen
Multiple account management simply means that a person or a device has to own multiple accounts and manage them through certain tools. In e-commerce businesses, especially for sellers who are selling a variety of products, will need to involve in multiple account management to better categorize their shops. In this article, we will discuss the adaptation of multiple account management, how anti detect browser will help to prevent account ban, and etc.

What is a multi-accounting

The theme often referred to as maintaining multiple accounts, means generating more than one account on the same site. For example, when you need to market content on a particular social media platform, managing multiple accounts will help you to generate more attention and results of your marketing strategy. When handling more than one account on the same device, this is what’s defined as multiple account management.

Why we need multi-accounting software

  • Tools that can manage multiple accounts can easily help you avoid website bans. Make each of your accounts available from a different IP address. This means that if you get banned from one site, you can still keep your other accounts active and running without linking associations to all accounts. 

  • In terms of web arbitrage, whether it's through investing or trading online, setting up multi-accounts allows you to take advantage of different stock prices or promotions without the risk of detection associated with a specific account. You have more freedom and flexibility when dealing with multiple accounts versus having only one source to turn to.  

  • Having multiple accounts on one platform can be extremely beneficial for any organization looking to improve its communication and collaboration efforts. These tools provides efficient team management by allowing users to easily create, assign and manage multiple accounts on one device. All members of your team can access the same shared resources to facilitate effective teamwork.

  • Marketing activities are enhanced. Regarding multiple profiles set up under various usernames, businesses can target different demographics based on their user preferences and browsing habits--allowing them to better promote their products and services effectively by making sure they reach out to the right audience at just the right time!

785-3001.pngMultiple accounting is used for

In order to generating online activities such as affiliate marketing, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies and social media. With multiple accounts, you can utilize the advantages of any particular platform that offers more than one service.

  • In affiliate marketing, multi-accounting allows you to outsource different parts of the project. You can assign specialized tasks efficiently, for instance, you can generate content creation and web development with specific accounts instead of managing them all from just one account. By doing this you’ll be able to focus on your main goal of generating conversion with sales to maximize profit and reduce costs.

  • In e-commerce, using multiple accounts helps to establish brand presence on different platforms within one anti-detect browser account. You can streamlining logistics tasks such as inventory tracking and also dealing with customer service inquiries without switching devices and accounts. This will increase your work efficiency and get more jobs done.

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges use multi-accounts so customers have greater control over their funds. To make that happen, anti-detect browsers allow cryptocurrency dealers to access to multiple wallets within a single transaction. You can do the exchange that simplifies complex processes into smaller manageable components, making it easier for users who have less knowledge about cryptocurrency trading but wanting to make a profit out of it. 

  • Social media platforms managers should adapt anti-detect browser as a daily tool to manage multiple accounts. This allows a simultaneous posting across several networks to increase exposure to audiences. In the meanwhile, you can customize your demographics to make sure your campaign is reaching the right crowd in order to make a conversion. With a stable profile, it also decreases the chance for social media platforms to identify your account showing signs of fraudulent activities, making sure your account is highly secure. 

How does a platform recognize when a user has multiple accounts

Platform are able to detect account connection when multiple accounts are being used on the same device according to their own algorithms.

  • One of the most common approaches with platforms’ algorithm is IP tracking. Thsi will involve the system to check the IP address a user has loggin in order to check if it mathces other accounts’ IP. If two accounts happened to have identical or similar IP addresses, then the platforms will likely to categorize the accounts are coming from the same device or network.

  • Another method websites use to detect multi account usage is cookies, which store small amounts of data related to a person's web visits and preferences. A website can check whether several accounts have matching cookie information. If so, it suggests that multiple users may be operating from the same computer or browser window.

  • In addition, websites may also employ pixels and browser fingerprinting methods for detecting suspicious activity like multiple account usage. Pixels track certain behaviors including mouse movements or scrolling speed. If two accounts share similar patterns then this can be an indication that both belong to one user who’s trying to cover their tracks by logging out and back in again with a different account name. Similarly, browser fingerprints involve collecting data about how someone uses their favorite web browsers like Chrome or Safari; if two users have precisely similar foot marks, then they could have a high chance of using the same machine.

How to disguise multiple accounts

There are ways to disguise your multiple accounts

  • The most popular way of disguising multi-accounts is by using proxy servers. A proxy server acts like an intermediary between your computer and the websites you visit. This means that instead of directly connecting to the website, the computer will connect through a different server which masks its communication with the website in question. By masking the connection with this intermediary step, makes it much harder to track down any sort of activity related to multiple accounts established by one user.

  • In addition to proxies, you should also make use of anti detect browsers (Morelogin). These are specialized web browsers designed specifically for form filling automation and/or hiding activity from malicious entities tracking users online.

  • Finally, when establishing new user credentials for each account associated with different roles in some kind of enterprise environment or application setup then always make sure those credentials are unique across all platforms, meaning don’t reuse passwords that were used on other websites/applications when setting up these new accounts. What anti detect browser does is keeping them separate, ensures maximum security against cross checking systems, and searching cookie fields or session Ids throughout multiple sites visited concurrently under various aliases/user names associated with them.

Firmly choose Morelogin

Morelogin has been committed in developing a reliable and secure browser, supporting browser profiles on Chrome and Firefox. When it is read by a third party, it provides a scannable configuration file so that your customized fingerprint can be displayed as a real and native device. MoreLogin allows you to change dozens of parameters: WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects, Time Zone, Language, GEO, Processor, Memory, Screen, Media, Ports, etc., and you can visually see the comparison between the changes and the related detection results.


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