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Struggling With Accounts Being Banned When Using AdsPower? Try MoreLogin | MoreLogin Blog
Struggling With Accounts Being Banned When Using AdsPower? Try MoreLogin
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Struggling With Accounts Being Banned When Using AdsPower? Try MoreLogin

Struggling With Accounts Being Banned When Using AdsPower? Try MoreLogin

2023-03-21 11:31:00John Cruz
Are your accounts getting banned when using AdsPower? Stop worrying because you will find a powerful alternative in this article.

Online business has flourished a lot, especially after the pandemic. More and more people are shifting their onsite business to online because of its uncountable advantages. With the help of anti-detect browsers, people now use multiple accounts of the same website simultaneously to expand their businesses. However, some people are complaining that their accounts are banned when using the AdsPower anti-detect browser.

If you are among those, continue reading this article to learn the causes behind accounts getting banned when using AdsPower. Moreover, you will also find a fantastic anti-detect browser that provides a more secure environment for your online surfing.

Part 1: Causes of Accounts Getting Banned by AdsPower

Part 2: Best Alternative of AdsPower - MoreLogin

Part 3: Guidelines to Buy and Use MoreLogin

Part 1: Causes of Accounts Getting Banned by AdsPower

Have you ever tried to think about why your accounts get banned by AdsPower? The causes of accounts getting banned are many. However, the most common ones are discussed in the following:

IP Address and Location: The AdsPower anti-detect browser provides different IP addresses so that you can access those platforms which are restricted in your area. If you are using that IP address used by someone who did some suspicious activity, chances are high that the platform will quickly detect it and block your accounts.

Outdated Browsers: If you use an outdated anti-detect browser for running multiple accounts, your accounts may get banned. It is because every website regularly updates its policies to ensure a safe environment for its users. When you use an outdated anti-detect browser that is not powerful enough to escape the detection, the platform immediately detects it and blocks the respective account.

Suspicious Activities: When you do some suspicious activity like spamming or hacking accounts, it leads to account flagging as distrustful. Most people do such type of activities by using the anti-detect browser. If you use a weak anti-detect browser, then your account gets detected very easily, resulting in an account ban.

Violation of Website Standards: No platform supports the use of an anti-detect browser because it is against their standards. Thus, when the platform detects that you are using an anti-detect browser, it bans your accounts. If you are using a powerful anti-detect browser, then the chances of detection are significantly less, and vice versa.

Part 2: Best Alternative of AdsPower – MoreLogin

After reading the above causes of account bans when using AdsPower anti-detect browser, you may now be thinking of using the best alternative of it. On the web, multiple anti-detect browsers are available that promise to provide a secure working environment. However, MoreLogin is the best anti-detection browser that perfectly masks your IP address so no one can track your activity. 

Apart from that, it provides unique browser fingerprints that you can use to create multiple accounts for the same platform. You don't have to worry about an account ban when using MoreLogin because the provided fingerprints are always different, meaning they never overlap with each other.


Comparison Between MoreLogin and AdsPower

It is wise to look at the differences between MoreLogin and AdsPower to find which one is a better anti-detect browser. That is why for your ease, we have provided a comparison chart below:





Attractive and Easy-to-Use

Difficult to use for new beginners

Use Cases

Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Traffic Arbitrage Cryptocurrency, and many more

Online advertising, E-commerce, Betting, and more


Completely Secure

Less Secure

Number of Profiles


500000 Profiles


Starting from $4/month

Starting from $9/month

IP Provider



Customer Service

24/7 Highly Supportive




MoreLogin is an affordable antidetection browser that only costs $4 monthly for 10 profiles. Moreover, you don't have to pay the amount for the entire year because it allows you to pay every month. In addition, it also offers a free trial in which you enjoy all the features of this anti-detect browser for free.

In contrast, AdsPower is a bit expensive as you have to pay $9 per month for 10 profiles. Furthermore, you have to pay the price for the whole year collectively. Apart from that, the free trial version of AdsPower holds limited features, which is one of the major downsides of this anti-detection browser.

MoreLogin Packages




$4/month billed monthly (10 profiles for 1 user)


Contact the Sales


AdsPower Packages




$9/month (10 profiles for 1 user)


$50/month (100 profiles for 1 user)


Contact the Sales


User Interface

No one wants to use such a tool that requires extra effort. That is why people are more inclined towards user-friendly software. AdsPower interface is quite difficult to understand, so you have to watch tutorials to use it properly. Moreover, each feature is not properly displaced, creating a lot of confusion for new beginners.

However, when you look at the interface of MoreLogin, it is far better than that of AdsPower. Using MoreLogin, you can easily create as many profiles as you need without taking help from anyone. Above all, the major tools are located on the main window, and the main functionalities are one click away.



As you are struggling with account bans when using AdsPower, it means the respective browser is not powerful enough to hide your IP address. That is why it is recommended to use MoreLogin, which perfectly hides your IP address and secures your privacy by preventing websites from tracking your activity.

In contrast, AdsPower offers less safety to your privacy because it lacks the ability to mask your IP address perfectly. Moreover, the provided fingerprints of AdsPower are not unique enough, due to which they overlap with each other.

IP Provider

Before selecting any anti-detect browser for creating multiple accounts, always search whether it is offering stable or dynamic IP addresses. Prefer that one that provides dynamic addresses because they are challenging to detect. AdsPower anti-detect browser also provides dynamic IP addresses, but they are not secure enough to prevent account detection.

In contrast, MoreLogin provides highly dynamic IP addresses that are unique enough that no website can monitor whether it is real or fake. Moreover, the IP system of this antidetection browser is regularly updated to give you a secure environment for online surfing.

Part 3: Guidelines to Buy and Use MoreLogin

MoreLogin is undoubtedly the best anti-detect browser in terms of affordability, intuitiveness, and security. If you want to enjoy it, then follow the below-given guidelines to buy and use MoreLogin:

Step 1: Register for MoreLogin Account

Access the official website of MoreLogin and click the "Start For Free” button. Register for the account and download it on your computer. After downloading, install it by following the instructions of the installer.


Step 2: Create New MoreLogin Profile

Now log in to your MoreLogin account by providing the email address and password of the registered account. Afterward, click the “New Profile” button and add details to create a new profile. Once done, access the "Browser Profile" menu and tap “Start” to start using a customized browser window.



As discussed in this article, the most common causes of account bans are violating platform standards, performing a suspicious activity, and using an outdated browser. As many of you are facing account bans issues by AdsPower, it means this anti-detect browser is not powerful enough to mask your IP address perfectly. Try using MoreLogin because it is a more advanced and secure anti-detect browser.

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