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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Facebook Account Ban | MoreLogin Blog
Tips and Tricks to Avoid Facebook Account Ban
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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Facebook Account Ban

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Facebook Account Ban

2023-03-21 18:35:00Emily Chen
Are you struggling with Facebook account ban? Stop worrying because this article will help you by providing the best tips to avoid an FB ban.

The use of Facebook has increased a lot because it provides a space where people communicate with each other easily. Moreover, many people earn a handsome amount by doing multiple types of business on it. However, like all other social media platforms, Facebook has set its terms and conditions. If anyone violates it, the respective account gets banned.

Many people are worried about their Facebook account ban, so they continuously search for ways to avoid it. If you are among those, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have provided complete details of the reasons for your Facebook ban and tips to avoid an account ban. Buy Facebook group members from a trusted website.

What Happens When Your Facebook Ban?

First, you will receive the following prompt:

  • "Your account has been suspended."

  • "Your account is temporarily suspended because your profile doesn't list your authentic name."

  • "Your account was disabled because you violated Facebook's Terms."

When you violate the terms and conditions Facebook sets, it suspends your account. The account can be banned permanently or temporarily, depending upon the severity of the violation. If the Facebook account gets banned forever, you will not be able to log in again to your account, and it will disappear from Facebook.

However, if the account is banned temporarily, you will not be able to access the account till the provided duration. During that duration, neither you can post anything nor anyone can view your profile. Mainly the temporary ban last for 24 hours or 72 hours. Do you want to know the difference between a 24-hour and 72-hour ban? If yes, then read this section carefully:

1. 24-Hours Facebook Account Ban

It is the most common temporary Fb ban in which you cannot access your account for only one day. Due to this temporary shutdown, you cannot like comments or post your thoughts. It majorly happens when you violate minor Facebook community standards. Thus, following Facebook community standards to avoid the 24-hour ban is better.

2. 72-Hours Facebook Account Ban

In this type of Facebook account ban, you cannot use your account for posting and commenting for 3-days. Moreover, you cannot even view anyone's post or profile because Facebook will reduce access to your account. It mostly happens when you repeatedly violate Facebook policies, like sharing offensive content on your page. The Facebook page ban users must wait 72 hours to use the account again.

10 Reasons That Facebook Ban Your Account

Seeing the Facebook account ban is very shocking. However, it happens due to some actions which are unlawful and done repeatedly. To learn why Facebook has banned your account then, jump into the following 10 most common reasons for a Facebook account ban:

1. Violating Facebook Terms and Conditions

Every application has specific terms and conditions for protecting itself from unlawful activities. To smoothly use any app or software, you have to stick by its provided rules. Likewise, Facebook has also set policies that define what is and is not forbidden on the site. If you violate any of them, then chances are high that your account will be banned.

2. Sharing Offensive Content

On Facebook, you can easily share different types of content with anyone. Whether you want to share videos, images, or documents with friends or family is your choice because Facebook supports nearly all types of data files. However, the transmitted or posted content should not be offensive. If you post any racist or discriminative content on your Facebook page, then you will face a Facebook page ban.

3. Spamming

Facebook respects everyone's privacy, so they strongly condemn sending unsolicited messages to anyone. If you violate this rule, then without a second thought, Facebook will ban your account. Moreover, if you repeatedly post the same content, it will be considered spamming the platform. This act may also lead to a Facebook 30-day ban.

4. Using an Unauthorized Account

If you attempt to use anyone's else account without taking permission, then Facebook will ban that account. It is mainly done to protect the data of the respective account. In addition, fake or unauthorized accounts also get disabled by Facebook as creating or using such statements is against the policies of Facebook.

5. Posting Copyrighted Material

It is against Facebook's policy to post copyrighted material without the owner's permission. For your information, copyright material includes those music, videos, or images you are not permitted to use. If you post copyrighted content without the consent of the content's owner, you will encounter a ban on FB.  

6. Using Automation Tools

Using automation tools or bots to create fake engagement on your posts is strongly prohibited by Facebook. Moreover, Facebook does not allow you to use a bot to send messages to anyone. In addition, it is also against the law of Facebook to use automation tools for sending friend requests. If you violate any of them, your Facebook account will be banned.

7. Hacking Others Account

As discussed earlier, Facebook takes excellent care of users' privacy, providing maximum protection for their private data. If you try to hack anyone's data or account, then Facebook will ban your account. Besides that, hacking Facebook's system is also against Facebook's policies. Anyone who tries such illegal activity will get strict measures from Facebook.

8. Impersonating Someone Else

Your account on Facebook may be banned if you pretend to be someone else. It majorly happens when you create an account to deceive others. Many people practice such unlawful activity on Facebook by creating fake versions of celebrities, politicians, or famous personalities. If you are among those, then sooner or later, you will deal with the Facebook ban.

9. Posting Inappropriate Content

Posting inappropriate content is against the terms and conditions of Facebook. If you post anything sexually explicit or violent, Facebook will disable your account. Mostly inappropriate content includes promoting violence, drug usage, or sexual harassment. Additionally, is also not allowed by Facebook to post such content which emphasizes self-harm.

10. Excessive Friend Requests

On Facebook, you cannot send excessive friend requests at once. Moreover, it is also against Facebook's policies to repeatedly send friend requests to the same person. Attempting to send numerous friend requests to multiple people will lead to the banning of your account by Facebook.


How Can I Avoid Facebook Being Ban

Like all other Facebook users, you may not want your account banned. If true, read this article to learn how to avoid the Facebook ban. All these tips or tricks are simple to follow and hold no drawbacks. Moreover, once you follow these tips, you will not say Facebook banned me. So let's get started:

1. Use Antidetect Browser

Antidetect Broswers helps you change your device IP address to manage multiple accounts on the same website without the risk of an account ban. Using such browsers, you can easily log in to your Facebook accounts simultaneously from the same device. The best among all anti-detect browsers is MoreLogin.


MoreLogin is the anti-detect browser that helps you securely manage multiple Facebook accounts. Apart from Facebook, you can use this browser to create multiple accounts on Twitter, TikTok, and Amazon without the threat of account detection or blockage. To learn more about this browser, read its following features:

· Provide Multiple Browser Fingerprints: MoreLogin allows you to create multiple browser fingerprints. Using these fingerprints, you can easily create multiple Facebook accounts. Moreover, the created fingerprints don't overlap because each has uniqueness.

· IP Address Masking: Facebook mostly tracks your activity through your IP address. This anti-detect browser masks your IP address very professionally. Due to this, Facebook cannot track your activity and location. Ultimately you will not face a Facebook ban.

· Ensure Secure Environment: This browser provides a secure environment for multiple account management on a single device. Due to this, you can easily open multiple accounts on Facebook on a single device. This will also save you money because you don't have to buy different devices to run each account when you have MoreLogin.

· Multiple Use Cases: The use cases of this anti-detect browser are very high compared to others. The use cases of this browser include traffic arbitrage, social media, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, and more.

· User-friendly Interface: The interface of MoreLogin is user-friendly. You can easily mask your IP address and create multiple accounts on Facebook with the help of this browser. Moreover, it is secure because it never steals your private data.

2. Take a Break in Between Posts

Facebook's algorithm flags your account when you post too frequently at once. That is why it is recommended to take a break in between posts. Moreover, taking gaps between sharing posts gives time for Facebook moderators to review and approve your content.

In addition, when you leave some time between posts, you are not marked as a spammer. By doing so, you may prevent a 30-day Facebook ban.

3. Be Careful Tagging

Tagging too many people in posts or comments is considered spam by Facebook. This behaviour is unacceptable by Facebook, which bans the account. It is wise to keep your budget accurate by carefully tagging people or pages. Moreover, try to avoid ordering people without their consent.

4. Never Add Anyone to a Group Without Permission

It is good never to add someone to a group without permission because if you do so, then it may be considered a violation of Facebook's standards. Thus, always take a license before adding someone to the group. Moreover, do not add people in multiple groups simultaneously, as it may also lead to an account ban. Above all, ensure your group fulfils Facebook's community standards.

5. Don't Post Images from Google

Always post images you have taken yourself because if you post pictures from Google without proper attribution, then Facebook may mark you spam. In addition, avoid using those images that contain copyright watermarks. However, if you want to post pictures from Google, always credit the owner to save your account from the ban.

6. Don't Use Your Account as Your Business Account

The chances of a Facebook account ban increase when you use a personal account as a business account. Creating a separate page for business is advised rather than using a personal profile. Doing so will reduce the possibility of Facebook's policy violation. Moreover, starting a business account also decreases the risk of spam complaints. In short, follow this tip to prevent the Facebook page ban.

7. Like and Comment at Normal Paces

Facebook considers it as a suspicious activity when you frequently like and comment. Due to such abnormal behaviour, it disables your account. Thus, you should enjoy and comment usually to prevent your account from being banned. It can quickly be done by taking a short period between commenting or liking any post.

8. Follow Facebook's Policy

Follow the terms and conditions which Facebook has set because your account will ban if you violate them. So it is good to avoid graphic violence, harassment, and nudity on Facebook because these are the most basic community standards. Moreover, be mindful of your language and behaviour, as Facebook has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive acts.

9. Don't Indulge in Malicious Activities

Facebook has strict rules against malicious activities like hacking accounts or sharing malware. If you perform such harmful activities, then your account will get banned. It is better to avoid indulging in such activities and use Facebook for good purposes.

10. Do Not Use Automated Tools

Are you struggling with the Facebook 24-hour ban? If yes, do not use automated tools or bots for fake likes, shares, and comments. It is because using such tools will suspend your account either permanently or temporarily. Keep every act regular and stick to Facebook policies to avoid the Facebook account ban.


Facebook is the best and most secure platform for establishing healthy connections. However, you may face a temporary or permanent Facebook account ban. In this article, we have provided the possible reasons for the Facebook ban. 

Moreover, tips to avoid it is also given. The best among them is to use MoreLogin because this browser allows you to enjoy using multiple Facebook accounts without the risk of a ban.

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