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Multiple and Stealth Ebay  Accounts: Why You Need Them and How | MoreLogin Blog
Multiple and Stealth Ebay  Accounts: Why You Need Them and How
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Multiple and Stealth Ebay  Accounts: Why You Need Them and How

Multiple and Stealth Ebay  Accounts: Why You Need Them and How

2023-03-10 14:03:00Emily Chen
Learn how to have multiple eBay accounts, and how a stealth eBay account can help scale your business and stay within eBay's policies.

In the dynamic global online marketplace of eBay, transactions occur at an incredible volume every day. Expertise in eBay account management can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your sales venture. Notably, a number of high-achieving sellers strategically maintain multiple accounts to advance their business.

So, is it feasible to manage multiple accounts on eBay?

If so, how does it help scale your business, and how to start a multi-account strategy on the platform?

In this article, we will discuss what a multi-account strategy is, how it works, and the benefits of implementing this approach on eBay. If you are looking to expand your eBay business and increase your sales, read on and I’m sure you’ll have more confidence in the approach.

Does eBay Allow Multiple Accounts?

The short answer is yes, but it also depends on the condition of your business model and how you run these accounts.

eBay's official policy allows sellers to have multiple accounts as long as they meet certain criteria. There are policies on eBay that are made specifically for multiple accounts. According to these policies, you can have multiple accounts if:

l  Your account is above standard or top-rated seller status

l  Your account is in good standing

l  Your account is not currently suspended or restricted

That means to be allowed to own multiple accounts on eBay, you need to have a good track record of selling on eBay. Additionally, you must not have any history of violating any of eBay's policies or receiving any warnings or sanctions from the platform.

If your current account is clean, healthy, and has a great overall performance, then after eBay’s review, you’re okay to have a second eBay account with your own identity. But if your account has anything related to the situations above, your second account would be most likely declined or restricted.


It is also worth mentioning that even if you meet the criteria of the eBay multi-account policy, you should not create too many accounts because it will be more likely to get all the accounts restricted or banned as it may seem suspicious.

What is a Stealth Ebay Account?

As you can see from eBay's multi-account policy, it is not easy for a regular eBay seller to meet the criteria of having multiple eBay accounts. However, if you need multiple eBay accounts but are not quite qualified, there is a way to work around this, allowing you to have as many accounts as you like, regardless of the situation of your current account.

This strategy is called stealth accounts.

A stealth eBay account is an account that is created using someone else's identity information. The goal is to avoid linking the account to your real identity, including your payment information. With a stealth account, you can still sell items on eBay without revealing your true identity or letting the new account have any relationship with your old account.

One of the advantages of using a stealth eBay account is that you can duplicate your successful listings regardless of how your previous account stands.

As we talked about earlier, If you want to create an account with your own identity, which has already been used to create another account, you need to go through the eBay review process and make sure that your original account has a perfect selling history and had never violated any eBay policies. But if you go with a stealth account, you won’t need to worry about the condition of your current account as the two accounts will not have any connections.

The stealth account is also very useful when your original account gets restricted by eBay. In this scenario, you will not be able to sell anything under your original account, nor are you allowed to use your own identity to create another account. So having a stealth account is the only option to keep selling before you lift the restriction of your original account.

How to Create a Stealth Ebay Account?

It is not hard to create a stealth eBay account, but there are still things that you need to pay attention to in order to have the account successfully approved the first time.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to make sure your stealth eBay account gets approved.

Step 1: Prepare the Identity

Get one of your friends or family’s identity, but ask for permission beforehand to avoid doing anything illegal. Also, the identity you use to register the stealth account should have not been used to create an eBay account previously.

Step 2: Register with a New Digital Fingerprint

This step is crucial because you need to make sure that the new account you're creating has absolutely no connection to your previous account.

That means you cannot use the same browser as the one you use to operate or register your previous account, because if you do so, eBay will know that these two accounts are run by the same individual by gathering the browsing data and identifying the digital fingerprints.

To avoid the accounts having any connection to each other, it is important that you use an anti-detect browser like MoreLogin to register any new account with your new identity.

MoreLogin is a tool that allows you to browse the internet anonymously and create multiple online accounts without being detected. The browser allows you to create unique profiles for each eBay account, helping to avoid detection by eBay's system.

Additionally, the software's ability to manage geolocation and proxy settings may also be beneficial for creating a stealth eBay account. By masking your true location and IP address, you can avoid being linked to any previously banned or suspended accounts.

To use MoreLogin to create your stealth eBay account, first register for a MoreLogin account and download the MoreLogin anti-detection browser from its official website.


After that, log in to your registered MoreLogin account in the client. Then click on the “New Profile" button at the top left corner and complete the settings inside.


Finally, go back to the “Browser Profile” page and find the browser profile you have just created. Then click "Start" to wake up a new browser window and register your stealth eBay account here. You are going to open the account in exactly the same way as the first way you open any regular eBay account.


Step 3: Daily Operation

After successfully creating your stealth eBay account with the new identity, you need to remember to log in and operate this account with the same browser setting in the MoreLogin client. Changing browsers will increase the risk of getting detected by eBay’s algorithm, which could lead to a band or restriction on your accounts.

Risks of Using a Stealth Account

Creating a stealth account is legal provided you are not doing anything fraudulent. However, you need to know that eBay does not support it, so you will have to keep things under the radar to avoid detection; otherwise, your account will be suspended.

You should also know that there are risks associated with using a stealth eBay account, particularly if you use fake information or purchased accounts. In addition, improper operation of a stealth account can lead to a faster suspension of the account if eBay detects that you are using an unreliable IP address. Therefore, it's crucial to operate your accounts with caution and always use the same browser settings for the same account in MoreLogin.


It’s no doubt that having multiple eBay accounts can be a great way to scale your business, but in order to do so, it is important to meet the platform's policies and maintain good standing. For those who may not meet the criteria or whose previous accounts have been restricted, creating a stealth eBay account could be the only option.

Today, we introduced the detailed process of creating a secure eBay stealth account. By following the guide, you should be able to create a brand new account with Basically, no risk of getting restricted or banned.

In the process of creating a stealth eBay account, the use of an anti-detect browser like MoreLogin is crucial. just like the common practices to use anti-detect browsers in e-commerce and dropshipping, by using MoreLogin, you can create unique profiles for each account and avoid detection by eBay's system, which is the key to your multiple eBay accounts’ legitimacy, and it’s what it takes to make sure that they can keep generating income in the long run.

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