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Why You Need a 2nd Amazon Account and How to Do it Legally | MoreLogin Blog
Why You Need a 2nd Amazon Account and How to Do it Legally
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Why You Need a 2nd Amazon Account and How to Do it Legally

Why You Need a 2nd Amazon Account and How to Do it Legally

2023-03-09 18:58:00John Cruz
Learn why and how to create a second Amazon account legally for business success and security.

Selling on Amazon has always been one of the most popular ways for people to start their own businesses. 

However, what most Amazon sellers don’t realize is that, if they had a 2nd Amazon account, they could’ve achieved much bigger successes. 

In this article, we will explore why it is important to set up multiple Amazon accounts, as well as how to do it legally and ethically. We'll also address some common misconceptions and illegal methods of setting up multiple accounts so you can expand your business without taking too much risk.

Why You Need a 2nd Amazon Account

There are many reasons why you need more than one amazon account for the success of your business. let's take a closer look at some of the most important ones.

Extra Inventories

As most of you may be aware, Amazon has implemented a number of policies that regulate the number of products sellers can send into their warehouses. 

Specifically, the faster your products sell, the more space you can have for your inventories, but there is always a cap.

This is understandable because Amazon needs to make sure that its warehouse space is not overwhelmed with an excessive number of products.

However, these policies could have a very negative impact on you if you are selling slow-moving products like books. It’s not unusual that this kind of product runs out of space during Q4. And that would be a huge problem if you do not have enough space provided by Amazon for your book inventories. 

That’s when an extra Amazon account could help. 

By having an extra Amazon account, you automatically have at least an extra 1000 unit space, reducing the stress of not having enough inventory space for your products.

Extra Categories

Besides helping with your inventory issue, having multiple Amazon accounts can also be crucial for you if you operate in different categories or if you want to test business models. 

We all know that when you run an Amazon store, you’d better keep it focused on one niche. Because when you do so, you can optimize your listings and product descriptions to target a specific audience, making it more likely that potential customers will find and purchase your products.


More importantly, it also helps the Amazon algorithm to better understand your store and promote it to the right customers.

That’s why you need another Amazon account to expand your business to another category or to experiment in different niches.

Extra Layer of Security

It’s not uncommon that people’s Amazon store gets banned or restricted by mistake even if they’ve done nothing wrong. It is also possible that your store has security breaches and is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

That’s why having another Amazon account is important if you want an extra layer of security for your business.

By having more than one Amazon account, you can reduce the risk of potential security breaches affecting both your business. Additionally, if one of your accounts were to be suspended or banned by Amazon, having a second account allows you to continue selling and generating revenue without a complete interruption to your business.

How to Create Multiple Amazon Accounts Legally

Now that you understand the reasons why having a second Amazon account can be beneficial for your business, it's time to learn how to create multiple Amazon accounts legally. 

While Amazon has strict rules regarding multiple accounts, there are legitimate ways to have more than one account without violating their terms of service. One of the most reliable solutions is to use an anti-detect browser when creating an Amazon account.

An anti-detect browser is a special type of web browser that allows users to mask their IP address and other identifying information, such as their device type, location, and browsing history. One of the most trustworthy anti-detect browser tools on the market is MoreLogin.

MoreLogin is designed to prevent detection by websites that use tracking technologies to identify and block users who are attempting to create multiple accounts. By using MoreLogin, you can not only create multiple Amazon accounts legally with different digital fingerprints, but also do it for your social media accounts, affiliate programs, or cryptocurrency accounts, all without running the risk of being detected and banned by the platform.

If you are interested in how to use MoreLogin to create multiple Amazon accounts, here is a simple guide that may help:

Step 1: Register for a MoreLogin account and download the MoreLogin anti-detection browser from its official website.


Step 2: Log in to your registered MoreLogin account in the client. You can register one if you haven’t already.


Step 3: Click on the “New Profile" button at the top left corner and complete the settings inside.


Step 4: After finishing the setup, go back to the “Browser Profile” page and find the newly created profile. Then click "Start" to wake up a fully customized browser window. You can now create your new Amazon account in this window with a totally private virtual digital fingerprint.


Tips Before You Start

Although with MoreLogin, you can safely create multiple Amazon accounts without worrying too much, It is still worth mentioning that you need to be cautious when creating and operating multiple Amazon accounts. Here are 2 tips that we think are quite important before you start.

When Will Amazon Suspend Your Multiple Accounts

First of all, Amazon does allow sellers to have multiple accounts on the platform for legitimate reasons. That means if you have multiple brands or if you run your business in different forms, it’s okay to directly apply for 2 accounts on Amazon.

However, there are still multiple scenarios in which Amazon may suspend your multiple accounts. 

1. Duplicate account

Having a duplicate account means when you create another account, the account is being used to sell the same products as your other account. In this case, Amazon suspends both accounts.

2. Family or friends' account

If you share your account with a family member or friend, and that account gets suspended, then Amazon may suspend your own account as well. Similarly, if you have a business partner who runs the other account when that account gets suspended, Your original account will too get suspended.

3. Associate bans

If you have two legitimate accounts promoting different brands, and one of them is accused or wrongly accused of violating Amazon’s platform guidelines, Amazon may restrict or ban all the related accounts.

If you want to avoid suspensions caused by these scenarios, using an anti-detect browser when creating and operating the new accounts is necessary. It will drastically reduce the risk of your multiple accounts getting suspended by Amazon. 

Avoid Black-Hat Activities

Although having multiple Amazon accounts can help you boost your business in various ways, it is also crucial for anyone not to engage in black hat practices. That includes creating multiple accounts to win the buy box for a single product or engaging in fraudulent activities. 

Amazon tracks all accounts linked to a seller, and violating their terms of service can lead to all accounts’ shutdown. 

To safely set up multiple accounts legally, you can create a different LLC and bank account under someone else's name. You should also remember to use MoreLogin to separate the digital fingerprints for both accounts so they won’t share risks. 


For anyone who is serious about expanding their Amazon business, having a second Amazon account can be a game-changer. It can help you scale your business, duplicate your success, and provide an extra layer of security. 

However, it's important to remember that in some scenarios, operating multiple Amazon accounts could bring you huge risks and lead to a suspension of all your related accounts.

It is no secret that people use anti-detect browsers in e-Commerce and drop shipping businesses to increase their income. By following the steps outlined in this article and using tools such as MoreLogin, you can create a second Amazon account with a completely different digital profile and fingerprints, so it’s fully compliant with Amazon's policies and regulations. 

So, if you're ready to take your Amazon business to the next level, consider creating a second Amazon account today safely with the help of MoreLogin.

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